Sunday, 24 June 2012

4) In your opinion, what are the roles and responsibilities for the Leader, Blog Manager, Schedule Manager and Rublic Relations Manager? Why?


  1. The leader should supervise the other members and must split the roles to the members and is in charge of the project's general progress.

    The blog manager should update the blog whenever it is needed and regularly post on the blog on behalf of the group.

    The schedule manager should arrange what to do and when must it be completed in order for the group to not pass the deadline. He/she must also plan and arrange the time and place to meet to do certain projects when needed to meetup outside of school.

    The Public Relations manager should be incharge of advertising and media things to promote the group to the public and/or increase the reputation.

  2. The roles and responsibilities of the leader is the overall in charge and he/she will look at the different aspects and progress of the work going on in the group, the leader takes up the role of chasing after everyone in the group and encouraging the people to go on when they are not so optimistic etc.

    The roles and responsibilities of the Blog Manager is to update and post up the essential information and questions, manage and keep the blog organized. The blog manager is also supposed to remind his/her group members to comment and give their opinions.

    The roles and responsibilities of the Schedule Manager is to plan and distribute the work so that there will be sufficient time for the work to be completed. This is to ensure that the research work is given ample time to be completed and checked.

    The roles and responsibilities of the Public Relations Manager is to communicate with the other groups to find out and build up the bond with the other researchers just incase we need help.

  3. The leader is the person who is in charge of maintaing the performance of the group and tries to co-ordinate the efforts of people towards a common purpose and thereby achieves objectives.

    The Blog Manager has the responsibility of regularly updating and informing the members on important information or tasks needed to be completed.

    The Schedule Manager is responsible for time management of work to be completed and to ensure it is handed up before the deadline.Also,the Schedule Manager must be able to plan out activities in and outdoors.

    The Public Relations Manager is in charge of writting and preparing materials for plans and direct public relations programs, and raise funds for their organizations by promoting their group,advertising it to make it renown in many ways.