Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Myopia In Singapore:

1) Why is Myopia so common in Singapore?
2) Why do young children develop myopia so early?
3) How does myopia effect the child's life?
4) What can we do to prevent it from being so rampant?
5) What are the main causes of myopia and why do the numbers increase each generation? 


  1. Please comment on more questions and some more suggestions :)

  2. How can we reduce the population of people suffering from myopia?
    How young can people suffer from myopia?
    What can be done to resolve the problem?
    Can myopia be inherited?

  3. How young are the people when they suffer from myopia?
    Can myopia be treated?
    What Causes Myopia?
    What are the symptoms of Myopia?
    How does Myopia effect a person suffering from it?