Thursday, 21 March 2013


2 Data Collection

2.1 Study Scope

We made a survey using SurveyMonkey and it was shared out the survey amongst 59 individuals of the SST school community. 

2.2 Data Collection

2.2.1 Procedures
Research online and identify the trend of the children that has myopia from the age group 6-12. Identify the possible reasons why so many children, especially from this particular age group has Myopia and finally come up with the various possible solutions to the problems.

2.2.2 Data Analysis
After Data collection process, we analyzed the data by sorting it by their ages ranging from 6-12 and identified the group with the highest number of children who were myopic. The after, we researched further on that particular age group (ages 6-12) in order to find out why they were myopic at such a tender and young age, ultimately come up with multiple practical, realistic and on-the-point solutions that might be able to help the children and hopefully reduce the amount of children with myopia.

Through various survey channels, we've collected all 59 responses. After analyzing the results, we concluded most of the myopic people had myopia at the age of 9, which is Primary 3 children's age. This result matches completely with the theory we had as 9 is in the range of ages 6-12. 

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