From the data we collected from a short survey we conducted among 50 SST students(aged 13-16), we found out that 42 of them had myopia while 8 did not which means that 84% of the people who did the survey had myopia.We also found out that the most number of people who contacted myopia were of age 7,9 and 10 and the main cause of it was the over excessive hours of technology or electrical devices(learning device).

Another survey done on the percentage of people getting myopia in Singapore, it was found that Singapore is known to have the highest percentage of poeple suffering from myopia in the world with more than 80% compared to other countries like America which has a population of one third of the people contacting myopia in SIngapore. Twenty per cent of Singapore children are myopic at 7, primary education. Other population based studies showed myopia prevalence of 15% in preschool 4 year old children, 80% in their teenage years(13-19) and nearly 40% in adult years(40 and above).

Comparing the survey responses, we found out that both results had 80% above of the people contacting myopia.

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